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2017: Development of WebBased application for data processing and charting  ( downloaded as Excel ), tinggi muka air time based data.

2017: Safety Management Application : Incident Investigation, Corrective Action, Hazard, SBO, and Training - PT.Batutua Tembaga Raya

2016: KLHK ( Ministry of Environment and Forestry ) build Android mobile data collector, and displaying data result in ArcGIS Online as Graphics Chart. To be more easier to use Environmental Data Analyst Tools.

2016 :
Completing Current Web GIS Portal ( flex based ) with more mine operations data integrated, and simultaneously build Intranet Based Portal for ArcGIS with the same completeness data available.

2016: Create Android/mobile application for Collecting data in field, and storing it to could server, to track the progress of real-time activity and geolocation.

2015 : 
Web Based Flex - ArcGIS WebGIS and ArcGIS Online Maps contains organization activity, to browse and display various activity and linked with multimedia content. Client applications include for mobile device and tablet. 
( ArcGIS Online )

2014 : Custom Web Based Application using Adobe Flex Viewer 3.6 Platform ; Data Maintained using ArcGIS Server 10.2.2 , SQL Server Database; which also Integrate various data source ( Laser Slope Sensor, IBIS Radar, Vehicle Tracking , LIDAR Time Series images, etc. )

2014 : Mobile Application development on Android device ( Samsung Note 8 ) for data collecting purposes, automated from older methods.

2013 : GIS Portal development using ArcGIS Online version 1.1 for BIG ( Badan Informasi Geospasial ) – NTT ( Nippon Telecom Telegraph )

2011 : Web Based Application ( Adobe Flex platform ) and Data Development for purpose of Vessel Navigation Program ; Tacking and routing based on marine security regulation, extending function for previously build WebGIS. The application build for Oil and Gas company.

2010 : Database Design under SQL Server Database platform with integrate it with ArcGIS Server System; and Custom Web Based Application using Adobe Flex Platform.

2009 : Database Design using Gas Distribution Model; integrate it with ArcGIS Server System and Application Development using ArcGIS Server DOT Net ( web ADF ) , Javascript API and Adobe Flex platform. The application build for Gas Distribution / Utility company.

2008 : Database and Web Base Application Design ; Training and Assist on developing Adobe Flex Application; Configure and tuning SQL with ArcGIS Server. The application build for Oil and Gas company

2007 : Building of Spatial Information on Sea Transportation, Harbors and Facilities, accessed trough web ( Intranet and Internet ) using PHP Platform and UMN MapServer WebGIS.

2006 : Hydrological GIS Analysis on Watershed area analysis using satellite images, ground truth surveys other Hydrological Analysis ( USLE ). The project is for public works department.

2004 : Development Desktop GIS for surveillance Marine Resources and Fisheries, using huge volume of VMS ( Vessel Monitoring System ) data to be displayed in part of GIS Module for interactive monitoring.

2003 : Development of spatially visualization ( MapInfo - Vertical Mapper Desktop GIS ) module for frequency interference analytical utilizing terrain data and existing infrastructure information ( clutter ). The project is for Telecommunication Department.

1996 : Mobile Application Development on Palmtop device as the full application on Kabupaten Road Management in Map-Basic, Application is for capture of survey data with Global Positioning Systems , and ready to use/visualize it under Desktop GIS.