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Creating Static WebGis

Creating a static webgis application is now getting easier and not paid, that is for the GIS user whch using QGIS application, there is plugin called qgis2web

The step is by setting up her map content; setup settings qgis2web plugin application; prepare its website site, and webgis ready made and used.
In the past, apps like this one running as arcview 3.3 extensions should be purchased for use, http://www.alta4.com/webmapping/

trying to access app-1 – http://appdb.web.id/01/

In the plugin there is Option making with it by use of leaflet technology
with this you can set layer switching feature, and in this example created a hyperlink action to displays the image linked

Display-3, along with the replacement of a more cartographically impressed basemap (open topo map)


The following exploration is to try to use the cloud platform they provide qgiscloud – (free with 50 mb), upload data and project is through an intermediary plugin provided ..
can be viewed / accessed at the following address:


In this web cloud view the hyperlink will not (not) active, due to changes in the hosting location, which is translated in the data content.

This cloud and QGis feature I think is a breakthrough that makes it easy for users.