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Tutorial Using Universal Map Downloader

Right now, there is many online ( tiled ) data/maps is available from various sources to use.
One methods to utilized it, is captured the tiled images, and combining it as registered raster data.
Here there are, the explanation on those, by using Universal Maps Downloader.

Download Tile Image

  1. Open Universal Maps Downloader
  2. Select your directory location for saving project file.
  3. Select map types, which there are 10 choices :
  • Google Street Maps
  • Google Satelite Maps
  • Google Terain Maps
  • Yahoo Streets Maps
  • Yahoo Satelite Maps
  • Bing Streets Maps
  • Bing Satelite Maps
  • Bing Hybird Maps
  • Open Streets Maps
  • Open Streets Maps Transport
  1. Set Zoom Level
  2. Set extend area of interest.
  3. Set directory for saving file
  4. Click Start


Note :

1: Set Task
2: Set Maps Type
3: Set Zoom Level
4: Set Extent Coordinate for Area of Interest
5: Set Directory location for saving the file


Combine Tile Image

  1. Click tools – Click Maps Combiner
  2. Set task file name
  3. Click Combine
  4. Results can be found in the same location as the previous image storage

Registered combined image is created and ready to use.